Analysis and Theoretical Physics

Paulo Vargas Moniz

Alberto Manuel Tavares Simões
António Jorge Gomes Bento
César Augusto Teixeira Marques da Silva
Hélder Soares Vilarinho
João Pedro de Jesus Marto
João Pinheiro da Providência e Costa
Mário Júlio Pereira Bessa da Costa 
Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez
Paulo Jorge dos Santos Pinto Rebelo

Rui Manuel Pires Almeida
Seyed Meraj Mousavi Rasouli 


Paulo André de Paiva Parada
Rui Jorge Mendes Robalo
José Carlos Duque.
Sandra Cristina de Pinto Vaz Ramos
Vadim Yurinsky (Iourinski)
Sravan Kumar
Yaser Tavakoli 

ATP group develops its activities in Theoretical Physics, Dynamical Systems and PDEs. More specifically, the following topics are investigated:
• Whether (and how) the explicit presence of supersymmetry in gravitational settings will affect the states of the universe, as far as space-time singularities (initial or late time) would be present or not.
• Establish how additional fields (eg, 3-forms) as well as modifications into the Einstein-Hilbert action, namely in the gravitational sector will emerge into observational consequences
• Stability of mechanical systems, geodesic flows, and Poisson Morphisms, in particular stability of dynamical systems exhibiting some symmetry;
• Decay of correlations on random perturbations of asymptotically expanding dynamical systems;
• Stability of nonautonomous dynamic equations with generalized dichotomies on time scales or measure chains, including nonautonomous epidemic models and nonautonomous neural network models on time scales;
• Wave diffraction problems from an operator theory viewpoint and Fredholm property characterization of classes of operators associated to the diffraction problems;
• Approximate solutions to initial boundary value problems using Adomian decomposition method;
• Study nonautonomous epidemic models using optimal control theory



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