Algebra, Geometry

Rui Miguel Nobre Martins Pacheco

Ana Catarina dos Santos Carapito
Deolinda Isabel de Conceição Mendes
Henrique José Freitas da Cruz
Nuno Miguel Ferreira Correia
Patrícia Damas Beites
Rogério Pedro Fernandes Serôdio 


Manuel Almeida Silva
Sérgio Moço Mendes
André Bernardino
Isabel Maria Romano da Cunha Dias
Pedro Jorge Duarte Gil Morais
Ilda Carla Mendes Inácio Rodrigues  

    This reasearch group develops its activities in Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Combinatorics, Rings and Algebras, Differential Geometry and Control Theory, with emphasis in the following topics:

  • Harmonic maps from Riemann surfaces into Lie groups and associated families of integrable surfaces;
  • Submanifold Geometry;  
  • Almost periodic structures (the quasicrystals in physics) from different perspectives: word combinatorics, Ramsey theory, discrete geometry, dynamical systems and ergodic theory; 
  • The structure and radical theoretical properties of some classes of non-commutative associative rings; 
  • Symmetry classes of tensors and combinatorial parameters of matrices with positive entries; 
  • Structural properties of Switched Linear Systems; 
  • Composition and quaternion algebras over finite fields.



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